Sarah’s Research

In its broadest sense, my academic research is driven by a desire to understand what limits or stimulates real estate development activity. My pervading interest is in developing a more nuanced understanding of the development process and in promoting the use of behavioural research to inform policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation.  My research interests coalesce around the following areas of investigation:

  • The UK housebuilding industry, including housebuilder business strategy, behaviours and motivations and organisational change.
  • The residential development process, including risk and innovation, environmental performance, community engagement, landowners and land markets.
  • Planning for new housing development, particularly in evaluating the efficacy of public policy interventions on the housebuilding industry and the residential development process

My research adopts a qualitative methodology focused on examining behavioural and organisational change and is influenced by the emerging literature on institutional transitions and strategic choice.  I’m interested in understanding how real estate markets and their constituent market actors function and interrelate; in exploring what sets of rules and practices are embodied in those relationships; and, in examining the ways in which real estate industry processes and markets are organised.

My current research investigates two questions:

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